I am a soon to be IIMC  graduate holding specialization in Advertising and Public Relations. I come with internship level experience in media outreach and elementary experience in strategic communication and relationship building. 

I see myself as an extrovert individual with a flare for public speaking. Always inspired by the power of communication to shape public opinion.

I embrace and adapt quickly to new responsibilities; an enthusiast to gain new skillset, knowledge & techniques.  

My personality is all about connecting with new minds, constantly feeding my brain with new perspective & lastly relying on statistical research as much as my instincts.



[email protected]


Public Relations, Communications


Delhi, India



Indian Institute of Mass Communication

Student - Advertising and Public Relations, Class of 2021

New Delhi, India

IIMC was one of the best thing happened to me academically. Securing an admission in India's most reputed college IIMC during challenging times of pandemic was not only tough but overwhelming on so many level.

Being a part of IIMC of the pandemic batch not only advanced my technological skill but also made me a perfect fit for the ever evolving digital world opportunities.


International Institute of Mass Media

Student - Bachelors in Journalism and Mass Communication,Class of 2020

New Delhi, India

I'm grateful for these three years away from home. IIMM was where I felt like I could finally be my weird self, along with the following exposure:

Worked with team of 4 in production and direction of documentary & short film – video/radio in college

-Member of college’s theatre group

-Co-Public Relations officer of college’s cultural fest ‘Kalamanthan’

-Cinematography - Produced 2 short films in college first year and an observational documentary “Kathputli Colony” featuring the Sangeet Natak Akademi Awardee-Mr Puran Bhaat


Founder & Editor

2020 - Cont.


Skills Gained:
Content Creation & Management
Social Media Monitoring & Community Building 
SEO, Google analytics 

In 2019, the concept of Digital marketing intrigued me to the core. Especially after having a little work experience in influencer marketing. So I decided to build something out of it. Didn't know what and how?

Cut to 2020 when the world went under lockdown I decided to train myself for digital marketing (with the help of free content over internet and friends in industry). My first step was completing one of the many free digital marketing course by Google.

Over the time, I spend my time researching about the most trendiest topic of the time- Remote Work. While Upwork suggests that 26.7% of workforce will be working remotely in 2021, the number is much higher in technology.

How much? I don't know. Right now during Covid-19, the number is 35%.

A quick scan of Google Trends seems to indicate that the topic of remote work continues to grow (shown below). Anecdotally, I've never seen so much interest on the topicI've spent a year and cont. of my time researching the rise of remote work. In order to document I created a blog website www.shority.com.  

Shority.com is a platform enabling me to experiment various aspects of digital marketing along with social media marketing along with the whole experience of content creation, let it be text or video. 

Furthermore, I observed that Generation Z and millennial- the generation with the greatest potential to reimagine and rebuild our "Indian working lifestyle - was not getting the exposure it needed to discover the working styles.

So how does Shority.com fits into the renewal equation?

Well right now by trying to increase reach and educate people about the concept of Remote working and related topics. 

With time the scope and methodology of reach will come with experience.

community Manager

Oct 2019 - Jan 2020

Noida, India

Skills Gained:
Strategic management
Relationship Building , Effective Communication
Database maintenance 

Landing a job at an E-commerce influencer marketing startup-Pesopie was a mere coincident (story for another day).

While I started working at the end of my final semester of graduation, I had my many firsts in the job as a community manager for the startup. 

The team who trained me was tasked with building a community of influencers through various social media campaigns. December 2019, we launched Pesopie with a community of 1000 influencers.

The task of handling and communicating influencers, constantly coordinating with our PR taught me various skills required. But ultimately, I knew I couldn't stay long. Shority.com was calling.


Sep - 0ct 2020

Noida, India

Obsessed with finding and meeting new people at networking events, I landed myself an intern job in a network event organized by Google for Startups.

My task involved:

-Drafting Press Releases

-Handling social platforms

-Moderating with participants and panel of judges & mentors. 

-Hosting segments of event



anshika awasthi

Orchha, MP

anshika awasthi

Rajpath, New Delhi



I share ideas and observations about the future of work, remote work on my blog website. Feel free to add me as a connection!


FULL NAME: Anshika Awasthi
BIRTHDAY: 15.12.1998

EMAIL: [email protected]
WEBSITE: www.shority.com

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